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BioTech UV

A Proven Technology – Safe - Effective – Affordable
Protecting you, your employees, and your customers, may be easier and more affordable than you think!



Our Mission

To mitigate the transmission of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 by utilizing innovative disinfection solutions that include the latest in Far-UVC and standard UVC light products and touchless body temperature scanners.

It’s Not A New Technology
UVC Light sanitizing is not a new technology, we have been utilizing this technology for decades in both hospitals and in treating our water supply. What is new, is the need to transfer this technology into the public arena, which is where BioTech UV comes in.

Off-The-Shelf  To A Custom Lighting Solution
Regardless if you are choosing one of our off the shelf options or need a fully customized solution, we are here to help ensure that you choose the correct UVC light to meet your specific needs.

Our Portable Light Units are effective, affordable and can sanitize areas up to 1600sf in about an hour. Because they are portable, they can be easily moved between areas that need to be sanitized.  By utilizing multiple units, exceptionally large areas can be easily sanitized. Because one person can operate multiple units at the same time, also makes this a very cost effect option for large areas or multiple rooms.

The Most Cost-Effective Option
Our permanently installed lights are not only effective but are the most cost effective. Once installed, you simply activate the light for about 30 minutes (depending on the size of the area being sanitized) This can be done manually, or by remote. After the light is turn off, simply wait 30 minutes prior to re-entering the room and you are done. This is ideal for public spaces such as classrooms, retail stores, restaurants and public transportation.

One Hour Sanitizing
Imagine what it will mean when you are able to sanitize your entire facility or fleet in just an hour often with just one person.

No Dangerous Chemicals
Because this is a chemical free solution it is especially suitable for where children are often present, Classrooms, School Buses, Daycare etc.

Custom Recommendations
Because we understand all clients have specific needs, tell us what your needs are, and we will make specific recommendations to meet those needs. It may be an off the shelf options, a custom designed option or a combination of options.  

Contact us today and let solve your sanitizing issues.